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Blog post signing using GPG

In these days, I am thinking a lot about encryption and integrity of communication channels. Every mail I send, is automatically signed via my GPG key. I am doing this, not only to remind people of the fact, that GPG/PGP exists and that they should use it. I am primarily doing it for its main purpose, to give the recipients the possibility to verify the integrity of the mail and that it was really sent by myself. Today I thought… well, as I give the recipients of my mails this option, why shouldn’t I give this option also to the readers of my blog?

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Sichere Deine Privatsphaere

In Zeiten oeffentlicher Videoueberwachung und staatlich geforderter Emailkontrolle frage ich mich, warum so wenig Leute in meinem Umfeld Software wie PGP (oder noch besser die freie Alternative GPG) einsetzen um Ihre Mails digital zu signieren und zu verschluesseln. Ich kenne und nutze GPG seit nunmehr ueber 10 Jahren und die Liste der Leute, denen ich verschluesselte Mails via GPG senden kann ist […]

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Protect your privacy

In times of public observation of people and governmental forced email inspection, I am wondering why so many people in my environment don’t use tools like PGP or better the free alternative GPG for signing and encryption of their mails. I know and am using GPG since over 10 years now, and the list of people I am able to send GPG […]

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