Reading NTFS with Solaris 10

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For one of my customers, I need to copy big data files from an external USB drive to a Solaris 10 server. Problem is, as the files are bigger than 4GiB, the FS on the hard disk of the USB drive needed to be NTFS formattedĀ (the customer uses Windows). So I searched for a solution to read NTFS file systems with a Solaris 10 box.

I found the FSWfsmisc package from the BeleniX project. It holds some tools to access ext2, ext3 as well as ntfs partitions. Simply download the package from this location, extract it and install it via pkgadd.

Now one can do a:


and my NTFS partition has been mounted to /mnt. Awesome! Copy speed via USB 2.0 to ZFS is really fast as well (18 to 25MB/Sec. As the partition seems to be mounted like a NFS share, one can't really access much informations from "mount" or "df". Therefor the package ships "xlsmounts" which shows detailed informations about the mounted drive.

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